💖I met you as a stranger.


Now I have you as a friend.

I hope we meet in our next walk of life where friendship never ends…


💛 THAT’S MY FRIEND!!              Looovvvveee youuu!:) .:D:D:D:D

Aftr sum yrs,wen we would b running 4 money,
busy with our jobs..
Just imagine..
If 1 midnight,
suddenly u r awaken from sleep n find urself
surrounded by ur friends wishing u happy
magical moment when
TEARS would cum out of happiness.

Send dis only to those special FRIENDS whom u
never want to lose (even me if i’m one of them)
And see how many comes back.
Just want to say..

Stay with me 4ever..

This love,
Is love,
The love,
Best love,
Way love,
To love,
Say love,
That love,
I love,
Am love,
Really love,
Lucky love,
To love,
Have love,
You love,
As love,
My love,
Friend love.

Now read it again without the word ‘love’.
Cute right?


Send this 2 all you friends including me..
no matter girl or boys
If u get back
1= u r lonely,
3= u r the best person
6=u will get the good news
9= u r really lucky…

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