There was a day a man entered bus.. Suddenly a mad man ran to the bus, pointed at the man and said “MAD MAN COME DOWN”

Everybody was surprised and was laughing at the man, the mad man came again and pointed to this young man and shouted “MAD MAN I SAID COME DOWN” Again everybody started laughing at the mad man who is calling a normal young man a mad man.

Now the bus was full with passengers and was about to kick off when again the 3rd time the mad man ran to the man and shouted “MADDDD!!! MANNN I SAID U SHOULD COME DOWN YOU DON’T WANT TO HEAR I WILL KICK U DOWN MY SELF IF U DON’T COME DOWN NOW”

The passengers became angry with the man for bringing a mad man and making shouts on them

The man became angry and told the driver to allow him get down. and he alighted right there and decided not to go where he was going anymore

At last, the bus set off, he didn’t find the mad man anymore around.

I reached my destination and alighted with two men who seemed to be brothers or cousins for there companion.

Not less than 20 mins later it was announced that the bus had gotten a severe accident and all the passengers had died including the driver and conductor.

He started flowing down tears nd praising lord for sending down his angels to escape him from death.

Now I decree to all those who read this story and ready to type”Amen”. whenever the enemy plans to take away your life,

The LORD shall send His angel to inform you May you escape any pre-mature death coming your way in Jesus name type a mighty “AMEN” for this prayer ignore if U have the power to save your self from death


Hear This: No Matter The Economy Of The Jungle The Lion Can Never Eat A Grass.
I Speak Into Your Month Of MATCH and The Other Months:
(1). Every Delayed Prophecy I Command Them To Manifest 7 Fold In Jesus Mighty Name.
(2). Every Shrine Hiding My Blessings I Command You To Release Them By Fire now In Jesus Name.
(3). Every Spiritual Alter Prepared For My Family Catch Fire Now By Thunder In Jesus Mighty Name.
(4). Every Arrow Of Shame and Disgrace Fired Against My Family Return To Sender Now In Jesus Name.
(5). Whatever That Will Make Me To Share Tears Now and December Be Destroyed In Jesus Name
(6). Every Spiritual Eyes Monitoring My Success Catch Fire And Become Blind In Jesus Mighty Name.
(7). Every Power Withdrawing My Money Spiritually, Your Time Is Up, Die By Fire In Jesus Mighty Name


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