A black man went to American Embassy for a student visa, and the process of his interview with the white lady goes thus;

WHITE LADY: what is your reason for going to The USA?
Kenya guy: I want to go and study there.

WHITE LADY: which city, school and course do Do you have in mind?

Kenyan Guy: Chicago, Economics and Statistics Maths are my admission documents.

WHITE LADY: but there are many Universities in kenyan that offer this course.

Why do you still want to travel as far as the United State to study the same course?

I doubt your genuine intention and therefore can’t give you the entry visa you have applied for.

Kenyan Guy: (in anger) please give me back my passport and let me get out of this place.

What do you think United State has that is not in KENYA?

Do you think USA is in any way better than this country?

If you think United State is better than KENYA, why have you chosen to stay in KENYA instead of your country?

WHITE LADY: (with serious anger and love for her dear country stood up and said to look, am gonna give you the entry visa to United State so that you gonna travel to America and see for yourself, what my country has got; the difference between America and KENYA.

(out off anger, she stamped the visa for Kenyan Guy).

May the anger of ur enemy be your promotion to the next level!

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