A woman was pregnant for long, due to family rituals from her dead grandmom who used to be a witch year back…

So when she went for scan, the doctor told her that she was not carrying a baby in her womb, but a he-goat.

The woman disagreed and went to another hospital for check up.

When she got there also, the doctor confirmed that she was carrying a goat in her womb.

The woman became very afraid and went to God in prayers.
She prayed for hours.

So the next day after her prayers, she went again for scan.

The doctor was ready to tell her that she was carrying a he-goat in her womb, but to her greatest surprise, the he-goat has been changed to a baby boy.

The doctor was surprise and couldn’t believe what she saw.

After some few days, the woman delivered a bouncing baby boy.

This is what God can do, I dont know the problem that seems to be impossible in your life, are you looking for child, money, admission, visa, healing, today i pray for you that God shall meet you at the point of your needs.

And he will turn your situation around.

God bless you as you say Amen and share


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