I woke up that morning tired and depressed after the nightmare I had.

I had a dream how I was given banana to eat like a monkey and when I woke up, I didn’t take it serious because I couldn’t think of any interpretation, the only thing on my mind was to get ready for work.

I got prepared as usual and left for work that early morning in order to beat traffic, when I got to the road side where I normally enter a cab, there was no cab so I decided to walk up a little, as I was going a car stopped at my front and the driver asked where I was heading to and I told him, he asked me to enter which I did.

Inside the car, I saw a lady at the front and another guy at the back seat, as we where driving on I lost myself and slept off.

I woke up and saw myself in a cage, there I remembered the dream I had.

In the building I saw many other people in different cage crying and begging for their lives but each day three people would be taken out without coming back.

I couldn’t cry, I was just thinking of my family, friends and love ones.

I was asking myself, ‘is this how am going to end up?
Is this really my destiny?

God can you give me another chance to set my way clear?

My parent are still alive, will I die before them?’ I asked myself questions upon questions.

Finally it was my turn to be taken out because I already spent 5 days with them and they told me to say my last prayer that they would take me out at night, there I imagined how hell fire will look like because I knew I was not qualify for heaven.

I knelt inside the cage and said some prayers to God and my prayer was for a second chance.

Night finally came and they took me out, on the way they suddenly stopped the car and start fighting among the three of them and before I knew it they pushed me out of the car and drove away.

I was able to locate my family the next day. God did it for me, with God everything is possible.

A prayer For you reading this:

God shall put confusion in the midst of your enemies they shall fight with themselves for your breakthrough, in jesus name

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2 thoughts on “NIGHT IN THE CAGE

  1. I want to be part of this gospel group that shares,encourages and testifies on how God is Almighty and Possible


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